Emergency Alert ID Card Program

Emergency Alert ID cards are currently offered through the Epilepsy Association of Calgary free of charge, in partnership with Calgary Police Services. They are printed in color on plastic cards that include the person’s full name, home address, medical diagnosis, photograph of their face and up to three emergency contact numbers on the front.

On the back of the card there is seizure support information that includes:

  • A description of the seizure type a person experiences
  • Medications taken and side effects that may be experienced
  • Seizure considerations including communication limitations, behavioural and safety concerns
  • Support strategies to provide assistance during and after the seizure

Often when a person has a seizure in public, there is no one around who feels prepared or knows enough about how to help. Many clients will keep these cards at the front of their wallet, or in their coat pockets where it can be easily found by bystanders or first responders so that proper help can be given when it is needed most.

If you have questions or would like to sign up to receive an Emergency Alert ID card, please call our office at (403) 230-2764.