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We’re pleased to offer two new support programs: Hobscotch and Uplift. 


Hobscotch is a HOme Based Self-management and COgnitive Training program that CHanges lives. It’s designed to help people with epilepsy develop management and coping methods to deal with the cognitive issues that may come with epilepsy, and to help them lead happier, more productive lives.  

If you’re experiencing issues with memory, attention, thinking and planning, HOBSCOTCH might be a good option for you to consider.

The sessions are one-on-one with a HOBSCOTCH-certified Memory Coach and each session lasts approximately from 45 – 60 minutes.

Program participants will receive a HOBSCOTCH workbook, a Memory Tool Box, a Day Planner & Seizure Diary and Relaxation Exercises. 

Click here to download a brochure.


Uplift is a new program designed to improve depression and overall psychological quality of life. Small groups will meet virtually for one hour once a week. The program runs for 8 weeks. There will be groups available for people living with epilepsy and caregivers of people with epilepsy. Participants must be at least 18 years of age.

The sessions will exemplify ways of living with epilepsy to positively affect mental health, and will teach coping strategies that could become valuable techniques for you. These might include coping and relaxing, monitoring your thoughts, and learning how to prevent future low moods.

A pilot project found that UPLIFT participants had improved depression, anxiety, and psychological quality of life even a full year after they finished the program.

Prospective participants must be at least 18 years old; must have epilepsy, seizures or a seizure disorder, or be a caregiver to someone who does; and be struggling with depression or anxiety.

If you’re interested in joining UPLIFT, please fill out the form below.

    Apart from these new programs, do you have an idea for a workshop or a suggestion for peer support programming moving forward? We want to hear it! Call the number listed above or email your idea to support [at] epilepsycalgary [dot] com.

    Epilepsy Resources


    Each month during the third week of the month, Epilepsy Toronto hosts three workshops dealing with employment matters. Mondays – Resumes; Tuesdays – Interviews; Thursdays – Various topics relevant to job seekers who are living with epilepsy. For more information, contact carter[at]epilepsytoronto[dot]org.


    The EEA is proud to launch a unique program and offer for member families, with children living with epilepsy.  The Families’ Online Conversations, or FOCs, are a special pilot project, which will run between January and June 2021. A brochure for the program can be downloaded here. Future sessions are scheduled for Apr 29, May 27 and Jun 24, 2021.


    This program allows children and youth living with epilepsy to  have fun, share, and relax with peers. The sessions are aimed at providing friendship, understanding, education and support in a creative atmosphere. Registration is required. Contact sonia[at]bcepilepsy[dot]com to register or for more information.


    News, recipes and extensive information on using the ketogenic diet therapy to manage some of the effects of epilepsy.


    Information about SUDEP and devices and technology for seizure monitoring.


    OBI and its partners EpLink and the James Lind Alliance are organizing a Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) on epilepsy to help shape the future of research on epilepsy and seizures. They are now seeking your feedback to determine what you think are priorities for the research to address. You can add your voice by taking the survey here.