Courses and Seminars

Class is in, and we promise there’ll be no detention. And no homework. Well, probably not. Okay, we lied. There might be homework. But no report cards. That we can promise.

We offer courses and seminars throughout the year that are specially selected to accommodate the interests and needs of our participants. Each course uses the latest information available through a variety of formats. That means it won’t just be lectures like when you were in school; instead we invite special guests, do panel presentations and host workshops supplemented by films, videos, printed information, discussion and question and answer forums.

All our courses and seminars are held at our association at 316, 4014 Macleod Trail SE and don’t require registration unless otherwise noted.



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Our Guest Presenters:

Rebekah Burgeson is a recent graduate of the Applied Nutrition Science program from Elevated Learning Academy who has always had a passion for nutrition and helping others. Nutrition is personal to her for various reasons. She enjoys gardening and growing her own food. She’s a mom to a wonderful little boy who was the motivation for her to start this journey as she didn’t want him to grow up the way she did.

Deb Palmer is also studying to be a Nutrition Coach. Health, wellness, and balanced lifestyle are passions of hers. She’s a fitness instructor working towards becoming a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. Her full-time gig is being a single Mom. The weight of this responsibility drove her passion to learn how to meet her children’s dietary needs on a budget.