Some Things to Love About Canada

Friday, July 3, 2020

Sure, we’ve got the Rockies, hockey, the better part of Niagara Falls, and screech but Canada’s also got lesser known claims to fame, including a variety of roadside attractions and iconic Canadian foods and drinks that you might like to work into a “staycation”.

Big Attractions

Canada has its share of “big” attractions: BC has the world’s largest hockey stick in Duncan, and a giant motorcycle in Clinton (does a sasquatch count as a big attraction?); in Alberta you can find the Saamis Tepee near Medicine Hat, the world’s largest T-Rex in Drumheller and the largest Easter Egg in the world in Vegreville; Saskatchewan has the Giant Moose in, where else, Moose Jaw; you can find a giant artist easel in Altona, Manitoba; Ontario gives us the Big Nickel in Sudbury, the Big Apple in Colborne, the world’s largest Lumberjack in the Algonquin Highlands, and of course, the Wawa Goose; New Brunswick shows off world’s largest axe in Nackawic, a giant sandpiper in Dorchester and a giant lobster in Shediac; Nova Scotia has the world’s largest fiddle in Sydney ; a 22-ton giant squid can be found near Glove’s Harbour, Newfoundland, and not to be outdone, PEI gives us a giant mailbox near Tignish and the world’s largest potato.


Canada has given the world many sweet and savory treats, such as Nanaimo Bars, Butter Tarts, Prairie Oysters, Beavertails, Poutine, Calgary-style Ginger Beef, Figgy Duff, Tourtiere, Saskatoon Berry Pie and Yellow Split Pea Soup, Ployes, and Rappie Pie (you’re welcome). Not forgetting Nun’s Farts. Or the iconic Bloody Caesar. Or maple syrup (again, you’re welcome). The Yukon’s offering is a bit more unusual: the Sourtoe Cocktail. Is this their challenge to Newfoundland’s cod-kissing? Legend has it the mummified toe is added to the cocktail and if you can finish the drink and “kiss” the toe, you win a certificate!

What’s your favourite Canadian attraction? What’s your favourite Canadian food? What place in Canada do you want to add to your Canadian “bucket list”?