Smartphone Apps for Epilepsy

For many people, our smartphones have become an essential way of keeping connected, staying up to date and informed of what’s happening in the world. In the case of people who live with epilepsy, smartphones and a number of “apps” have essentially become lifelines – ranging in use from apps that provide information on epilepsy and seizure first aid, ones that use accelerometers to detect seizures and others that help track seizure activity, triggers, medications and side effects. There are also a number of applications that can be used to help families managing Ketogenic and other medical diets. As well, you can download a variety of medication alert and reminder applications.

A quick search on (a smartphone app search engine) shows approximately 80 different epilepsy based applications for iPhone, Android and Windows phones, some free and some you can download at a cost.

Here is a list of some applications that you may find useful – you can search “epilepsy”on to get more information or to download apps. Keep in mind, the following are all the exact names of the apps that you can search for…some of them aren’t creative, and some are fairly self-explanatory while others may not be.

Seizure & Medication Tracking
Seizure Log (only seizure recording)
My Seizure Diary
Seizure Journal for Parents
Epi & Me
Epilepsy Manager Pro
Epilepsy Tool Kit (based out of the UK)
Epilepsy Society (based out of the UK)

Seizure Detection & Alarms 
(Downloads of the first two are available on their respective websites)
Seizario –
EpDetect –
Epilepsy Alert App

Epilepsy Information & Research
Epilepsia Journal
Epilepsy Guide
Cleveland Clinic MyEpilepsy
E-Action Info – Your Epilepsy Resource
Medikidz explain Epilepsy
Young Epilepsy
Epilepsy News

Ketogenic Diet Apps
(Search “Ketogenic diet” on
101+ Ketogenic Diet Recipes – Tips, Food Checker and More
Ketogenic Diet Foods
Ketogenic Diet Shopping List

Medication Reminder/Alert Apps
Pill Monitor
RxmindMe Prescription/Medicine Reminder and Pill Tracker
MedCoach Medication Reminder
MediSafe Meds and Pill Reminder

As everyone has different needs for apps, we recommend reading reviews of apps before paying to download them, and keep in mind that all apps are computer programs that can fall victim to bugs and viruses and may need updating every now and then. 


No smartphone application is a substitute for doctor’s advice – they are simply a great way to help you track information and bring attention to any needs or issues as well as provide your doctor with helpful, accurate information during your appointments.

Check into these apps to see if they may fit your needs and be of a benefit to you, and please give us a call at the office if you ever have any questions or concerns about your seizures, medication or anything else epilepsy-related!