Project UPLIFT is a new program designed to improve depression and ones overall psychological quality of life. Small groups (up to six individuals) will meet virtually for one hour once a week. The program runs for eight weeks. If you are over 18 years of age and living with epilepsy and struggling with achieving mental wellness or would simply like to improve your overall psychological quality of life please register today.

The sessions will exemplify ways of living with epilepsy to positively affect mental health, and will teach coping strategies that could become valuable techniques for you. These might include coping and relaxing, monitoring your thoughts, and learning how to prevent future low moods.

A pilot project found that Project UPLIFT participants had reduced depression and anxiety and improved psychological quality of life even a full year after finishing the program.

Prospective participants struggling with depression or anxiety must be at least 18 years old and either have epilepsy, seizures or a seizure disorder, or be a caregiver to someone who does.

If you’re interested in joining Project UPLIFT, please fill out the form below.