Purple Day

Purple. It’s not just the colour of royalty – it’s also the colour that starts the conversation of us every single year. It’s the day where we turn the city of Calgary purple. Sorry, Nenshi. Purple’s ours at least once a year.

This all started in 2008 because a girl named Cassidy Megan had a great idea. She wanted to get people talking about epilepsy, because, as someone living with the condition, she knew firsthand there were too many myths and too many people with seizures who felt alone.

And it stuck. Great ideas have a tendency to do that. It helped that Cassidy, like all people with epilepsy, is an incredibly special and determined person. We’ve celebrated Purple Day every year since, and watched it grow larger each time.

Join us this year, next year and every year and help learn and spread the facts about epilepsy. Purple looks good on you, anyways.