Bare Naked Noggins Fundraiser

Bare Naked Noggins isn’t just a fun name. It’s our annual fundrazor. Get it, razor? Because of the hair shaving and fund raising. We can hear you groan from here – but admit, you love it!

And so do we. Because once a year we partner with members of our community – celebrities, people with epilepsy, your neighbors, everyone – and put together a fundraiser to benefit the Epilepsy Association of Calgary. Some write cheques. Others shave their heads. Everyone has a great time, for a great cause.

Bare Naked Noggins 2019 was another successful venture, with $ 17,360 being raised so far. It’s not too late to donate! Just click here.

Presenting Our Courageous 2019 Noggins

It’s no small thing to have your head shaved for charity, and we celebrate the courage and dedication of our Noggins. Please show them your support by donating to their fundraising efforts! Click on a Noggin’s name to be directed to their fundraising page.

James Anderson

Hello everyone! My name is James. I have a 5-year old daughter named Ava who was diagnosed with epilepsy at 3 weeks old. It was the scariest time of my wife’s & my lives. Ava almost passed away a couple times but thankfully she pulled through!! We are forever grateful to the amazing people who have helped us. The Epilepsy Association has been amazing support, as well as The Alberta Children’s Hospital. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who is helping us reach our goal!! Please donate today. It helps so many people!

Total Raised to Date: $ 450

Brandon Baigent

It’s a great cause! EAC is a great organization.

Total Raised to Date: $ 355

Kyle Baigent

It’s a great cause and I’ve done it before. Please sponsor me!

Total Raised to Date: $ 960

Martin Bell

I like to show my support for what the EAC does to help persons with Epilepsy deal with it’s constant struggles and it’s stigma.

Brad Cooper

I’m participating again to help raise needed funds and raise awareness of the association.

Total Raised to Date: $ 890

Kevin Elliott

This will be my 8th year doing this event. I do this every year to help raise awareness. I lost my auntie in 2011 to Epilepsy and I have others in my life with this illness so I like to let people know about it. I hold a special spot in my heart for anyone who suffers from epilepsy and want to do anything I can to help.

Total Raised to Date: $ 1,080

Linda McClure

I have temporal lobe epilepsy resistant to medications and have had 3 surgeries to date. I’ve devoted the last 4 yrs since my diagnosis to educating and spreading awareness about Epilepsy.

Total Raised to Date: $ 1,230

Nelson McLean

Wow Head Shave number 8. I am doing this again to help bring awareness to Epilepsy. Thank you to my family friends and coworkers for your support over the years.

Total Raised to Date: $ 9,240

David Sereda

As an individual with epilepsy myself, one who suffered a serious injury as a result of seizure a year ago, I have a direct understanding of the need for support and resources within the city for those of us with this condition. The Epilepsy Association of Calgary depends upon fundraising to exist and to be able to offer programs not only those afflicted such as myself, but for the community as a whole to increase public awareness and therefore support. So come on, make me bald with your bucks!

Total Raised to Date: $ 1,105

Lilian Villanueva

I would like to shave my head on behalf of my daughter Maria Laura and my brother Adolfo, both of them have epilepsy. Maria is having seizures more often, and my brother as well. I know how hard this is for them. I also believe in the great programs the Epilepsy Association of Calgary offers to support families living with epilepsy.

Total Raised to Date: $ 1,112

Very special thanks to our wonderful sponsors!

2019 Bare Naked Noggins – Photos by

The 2019 Bare Naked Noggins Presentation