Calgary Marathon

Chris Murphy Takes on the 2024 Servus Calgary Marathon Charity Challenge

Our long-time EAC Volunteer Ambassador, Chris Murphy is doing an ultra-marathon to raise awareness for epilepsy, where he will be taking on the impressive challenge of running 60km. We got to chat with Chris about his experience with running ultra-marathons and living well with epilepsy. Here is what he had to say:


What is your best pre-run meal?

Since I like to run in the morning, especially as it gets closer to the race day, it’s all about breakfast! So top of the list is Peanut Butter on Toast and a Banana, simple and easy about 30 mins before I set off. The night before is all about the Pasta, so my wife Pam makes a super tasty Garlic Chicken Pasta dish with some Garlic Bread, that certainly puts fuel in the tank!


What is the hardest part about training?

Simply it’s time! To properly prepare for a long-distance run requires months of training and dedication to a routine that takes up a lot of spare time! My routine started in November last year, running 3 times a week, cross training and strength training in the gym. I travel for work so finding hotels with decent facilities was a must, and also finding time for my other passions of Skiing and playing Hockey (which count as cross training) simply squeezed the available time to the limit. Having the support and understanding from my family, friends and employer is key to managing my time appropriately.


Favourite motivational playlist?

I spent my late teens and early 20’s around the club scene in the UK in the 90’s, so for long pace runs it’s high tempo Dance Music and for recovery runs with a slower pace it’s 90’s Britpop/Indie Music. Basically from The Prodigy to Oasis.


Piece of advice you’d give someone else thinking of running an ultra-marathon?

I would ask first ‘why’, what is the motivation? Having a reason really helps with the challenges you will face during the training with time, personal sacrifices and schedule conflicts. I run because I am lucky enough to be able to use it as a platform for others who can’t, I have a support network that encourages me when I am low in energy and motivation, and I have a stubbornness that pushes me to achieve a goal when I am told I can’t! Motivation, time and a support network are key, having someone tell you that you can’t, is sometimes the primer to ignite the spark! Lastly, I would say try to enjoy the journey, it will change you from perspective to health, both for the better!


Thank you to Chris for always supporting EAC and showing that you can overcome the hurdles an epilepsy diagnosis might throw your way.

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