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Epilepsy Foundation’s Statement on Epilepsy and Covid-19
Albertans with Epilepsy prioritized in next phase of vaccine rollout – March 15, 2021 Announcement
ILAE Statement on Covid Vaccines and People with Epilepsy

Epilepsy Resources

Canadian Epilepsy Alliance Andrews Reiter Epilepsy Research Program
SUDEP Epilepsy Therapy Project
Epilepsy Foundation of America Easter Seals Alberta UnstoppABLE Vlog with EAC Epilepsy video

Other Useful Websites

Calgary Transit / Access Calgary Government of Alberta
Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission Canadian Human Rights Commission
Lifesaving Society of Alberta and NWT Service Dogs in Alberta



Epilepsy Association of Calgary Brochure Dental Implications of Epilepsy

Fact Sheets

Epilepsy and Driving First Aid for Seizures
Epilepsy Medication Photosensitive Epilepsy
Safety at Home Seniors and Epilepsy
Service Dogs Water Safety
Pregnancy and Epilepsy Epilepsy and Travel
Vagus Nerve Stimulation Psychogenic Seizures
Catamenial Epilepsy Epilepsy and Face Coverings or Masks


Understanding Epilepsy Infographic Epilepsy Education Month '14- SUDEP
Water Safety - Drowning Prevention Week


Public Service Announcements
Epilepsy Brain Surgery Webinar
Technology Aids for Epilepsy

CBD As Treatment Option for Epilepsy

The webinar, held jointly with Edmonton Epilepsy Association on June 17, 2021, is now available for viewing in full or in segments.  The session was presented by Dr. Richard Huntsman, Dr. Julia Jacobs-Levin (a Board Director for Epilepsy Association of Calgary) and Dr. Evan Cole. To access, please click on the image.