Digital Marketing Guru

Helps us manage our website and Social Media presence.

Create and manage digital marketing strategy across the organization’s organic, paid, and social media channels. Drive change, seek opportunities, and improve credibility.

Cultivate content for and maintain the website.

Track and manage Google Ads Grants and multiple Google Ads campaigns to drive donations and online shop sales.

Query Google Analytics to provide success measurement, insights and opportunities.

Develop content and manage our social media channels.

Help design campaign to encourage Amazon Prime subscribers to donate to us on Twitch.

Create and manage Facebook Ads to drive donations and online shop sales through targeted audience reach while optimizing ad campaigns to increase conversions, likes, and reach.

Investigate opportunities to better engage a digital audience.

Organize content, images and layout for Brain Buzz, our monthly digital newsletter.

Entrepreneurial opportunity. We have multiple digital assets including an e-commerce site with room to put your creativity to work while making a difference in the lives of others.

Hours are flexible and work is remote. We provide Letter of References for all successful volunteers.

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