Webinar – “What to do? My Anti-Seizure Medications Don’t Work!”: A Conversation About Seizures That Are Difficult to Manage

The session will be about intractable epilepsy and PNES (psychogenic nonepileptic seizures) featuring a panel presentation by Dr. Jeffrey Jirsch and Dr. Tom Snyder. Please contact our office to request the link to register if you are interested in participating in this webinar. The session is offered at no cost as a collaborative project between the Edmonton Epilepsy Association and Epilepsy Association of Calgary.

Marijuana Use for Epilepsy Study

Dr. Ana Suller Marti, an epileptologist with London Health Sciences Centre in London ON is conducting a study to determine whether Canadians who are living with epilepsy are using cannabis to help manage their condition. 

If you are an adult living with epilepsy (or parent/caregiver) or parents of a child/children aged 4 – 18 years who are living with epilepsy, you are eligible to participate. It is not a requirement to have used marijuana. It is hoped to get at least 350 responses to the survey.

To participate, click here to access the survey.