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A Case for SUDEP AWARENESS – A Guest Blog by Nadine Bonnett - I'm going to be sharing a recent experience I had with a seizure in early September.  This is a heads up for everyone out there who has seizures.  After this seizure on September 6th, I awoke with the usual battle scars, but I was not yet aware that during the seizure I tried removing my… Read More
Epilepsy & Alcohol - A common question people with epilepsy have is how alcohol use may affect their seizures. Doctors, nurses and pharmacists often warn against the use of alcohol in people with epilepsy. While drinking can have serious consequences for people with epilepsy, it may not be realistic to completely avoid alcohol. With this in mind, what do… Read More
Epilepsy & Medical Marijuana - On November 7, 2015, the Epilepsy Association of Calgary was pleased to welcome Dr. Luis Bello-Espinosa, Pediatric Neurologist and Epileptologist to share his knowledge on the topic of epilepsy and medical marijuana. Dr. Bello was able to shed a great amount of light on this much talked about subject, and the almost seventy people in… Read More
Emergency Alert ID Card Program - Emergency Alert ID cards are currently offered through the Epilepsy Association of Calgary free of charge, in partnership with Calgary Police Services. They are printed in color on plastic cards that include the person's full name, home address, medical diagnosis, photograph of their face and up to three emergency contact numbers on the front. On… Read More
Safety at Home - For many of us, our homes are our retreats, places that welcome us back at the end of a long hard day and where we feel safe and comfortable. Things we may take for granted around our homes can be hazardous for a person living with epilepsy. However, taking some precautions and making simple adaptations… Read More
Still Dancing through Life - The Hillier twins, Chloe and Lainey, along with their parents Paulette and David, came to EAC after both girls were first diagnosed with epilepsy at age 6 after Paulette noticed the girls having episodes of “staring off” into space. Having one child diagnosed with epilepsy is terrifying enough; but imagine having both of your children… Read More
Having Fun & Staying Safe this Summer - Having Fun & Staying Safe this Summer  Many of us spend the autumn, winter and spring longing for the summer to come – and now that it is here, there are some things to consider and keep in mind while you are out and about this summer to stay safe and healthy. Water Safety Most… Read More
Smartphone Apps for Epilepsy - For many people, our smartphones have become an essential way of keeping connected, staying up to date and informed of what’s happening in the world. In the case of people who live with epilepsy, smartphones and a number of “apps” have essentially become lifelines - ranging in use from apps that provide information on epilepsy… Read More
Epilepsy Surgery - As each person’s experience with epilepsy is unique, treatments that work for one individual may not work for others. For some people, seizures cannot be controlled by medications. In this case, surgery may be an option. To be considered a candidate for surgery, a patient must have tried at least three different anti-epileptic medications and… Read More
Managing Holiday Stress - The holidays are an exciting time for many people. There are lots of things to look forward to – Christmas parties with friends, families and co-workers, boxes and boxes of chocolates, treats and good eats that magically appear out of nowhere and all of the gifts that are given – handpicked for that special someone.… Read More
It’s Time to Talk about SUDEP - November is Epilepsy Education Month and this year, the Epilepsy Association of Calgary has chosen to promote the awareness and education of SUDEP . With the help of the Kemery Family, we have a produced a poster which features their daughter Shelby Kemery who tragically passed from SUDEP in 2011. We aim to spread the word… Read More
Camp Fireworks - On August 18, 2014, 17 kids and teens that live with epilepsy arrived at Easter Seals Camp Horizon to spend the week at summer camp. For many of them, this was the very first time they would be away from home without their parents. Needless to say, many of the campers and their parents were… Read More
Epilepsy Syndromes - With files and information from Gregory L. Holmes,  There are many people who live with epilepsy that were diagnosed with simply that - epilepsy. However there other people who are diagnosed with an epilepsy syndrome rather than epilepsy. Most of the following syndromes are diagnosed in childhood, while people who are diagnosed in adulthood… Read More
Seizure Service Dogs - There are a number of benefits that come from being a dog owner - both physical health and emotional health. So, how exactly can" Man's Best Friend" support people living with epilepsy? Many clients who already own a dog say that they have noticed their dogs become more sensitive to their seizures - with some… Read More
Becoming Your Own Advocate - What does "Self Advocacy" mean? Self Advocacy is when a person is able to speak up for themselves and for the things that they believe in. This person will stand up for their rights, by making choices or decisions to better improve their own lives. Becoming a self-advocate can create independence, self-confidence, and empowerment. For… Read More
Being A Teenager Living with Epilepsy - What is epilepsy? It is a medical condition within the brain that causes recurrent seizures. Epilepsy is not a disease, nor is it contagious, and it definitely does not define you as a person. Being diagnosed with epilepsy as a teen can be extremely difficult and quite scary. Teens already have so much going on… Read More
Easter Seals Camp Horizon - Camp Fireworks For those of you who haven’t ever been out to Easter Seals Camp Horizon, you’ve missed out on a whole lot of fun! But not to worry, this coming August, kids and teens that live with epilepsy each day will get the chance to attend a whole week of camp, dedicated to them!… Read More
What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid? - Those words are what caught my eye during my first meeting with our Parent’s Network group back in September 2012. Those words are what continue to inspire me in working with all of EAC’s clients; kids, teenagers, parents, adults and seniors. So, what would you do if you weren’t afraid? The answer to that question… Read More