In the Workplace

Of the many challenges a person with epilepsy must overcome, finding and maintaining employment is one of the greatest and the stakes can be incredibly high - the ability to be a self sufficient, contributing member of the community.

Most often when a person with epilepsy experiences difficulty at work, it is based on fear of the unknown, myth, and misinformation about epilepsy. However, for the person with epilepsy, the consequences can be devastating and sometimes results in job loss. Additionally, the stress that can result in an environment that is unsupportive may increase seizure frequency.

The Epilepsy Association of Calgary has provided in-person education in many workplaces. Understanding what a seizure is, how to help, and how to provide support to a person with epilepsy ensures that people have the knowledge and skills they will need to provide assistance at work if needed.

Sessions are typically 45 minutes to one hour and cover the basics of epilepsy, seizure recognition, and first aid. One or more no-cost sessions can be arranged to meet the needs of any workplace. To someone with epilepsy - it can make a world of difference!

Contact the Public Education Coordinator at (403) 230-2764 or complete our Education Session Request form to request a session at your workplace!