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If you are interested in doing great things with us, please download our Volunteer Application Form, fill out our online form below or contact our Volunteer Coordinator at (403)230-2764.

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Demographic Information

This information is gathered to help us understand our volunteers. Please select one answer for each of the following:

How did you hear about the Epilepsy Association Calgary Volunteer Program?

Can you tell us why you are interested in volunteering at EAC?

Do you have a health condition that is relevant to your ability to carry out volunteer activities with the Epilepsy Association of Calgary that we should be aware of?

Please share anything else you would like us to know about yourself, or your needs/concerns
Please supply two references (not family members please) whom the Epilepsy Association of Calgary may call to assist in determining your optimal participation in EAC volunteer
Volunteers are extremely important to the Epilepsy Association of Calgary. Their value and efforts must not be understated. At the same time, however, attention must be given to the following in order to maintain high standards of service for our clients and the community.
  • Dependability, meaning punctuality and reliability in performance of volunteer duties and notifying the Public Education Coordinator in advance of absences from a volunteer activity.
  • Confidentiality, meaning that volunteers should be aware of the need to protect and respect the rights of the Epilepsy Association of Calgary’s clients and/or business by not disclosing information or personal details outside their volunteer activities.