Dear Friend,

What do these great minds have in common?
Joan of Arc... Napoleon... Alfred Nobel... Beethoven... Julius Caesar...

They all had epilepsy, which meant they had to overcome many challenges. But they also all had dreams and determination.

Epilepsy remains one of the most misunderstood neurological conditions. Today, approximately 20,000 Calgarians and 4000 Central Albertans have epilepsy. Many others are also affected. Thanks to the financial support of caring individuals in our community, the Epilepsy Association of Calgary programs and services are available for individuals, families, schools, employers, social service agencies, youth and social groups, or any organization or group concerned with epilepsy.

Your support will help ensure that the Epilepsy Association of Calgary programs are available to those who need them. On behalf of the Epilepsy Association of Calgary, and most importantly, on behalf of those we serve, thank you for your contribution!

Sincerely yours,

Board of Directors
Epilepsy Association of Calgary

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